We help you tell your story and know how to hit the right note. We believe in motion-driven storytelling, because a good story is both moving and puts people in motion.

Supermassive combines clear communication, storytelling, design, animation and technology. We call this: motion-driven storytelling. The base is always a powerful concept that places the message at the centre of everything. Because we also know how motion-design can be used strategically within bigger campaigns, we love to strengthen other agencies or teams with our expertise.


We enjoy working closely with you, the client. You know your market and target audience the best. But we don’t shy away from being openly critical. Our views on motion design make that we approach every project in our own unique way, with quality as the main goal. We consider ourselves a valuable partner.

Eyes ahead

We challenge ourselves to turn every project into something unique. To look beyond our own work. To keep experimenting and developing ourselves. That’s how we trigger the right emotions and create a captivating product every single time.