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Heroes in motion

We are Supermassive, heroes in motion. Our core strength is motion-driven storytelling, a combination of storytelling, graphic design and motion design. Captivating concepts provide a strong foundation for our films and animations. Rock solid.

A true hero doesn’t shy away from a challenge. A hero takes the plunge. Without hesitation. That’s us. We’re not afraid to look over the edge. Actually, we’re very curious about what’s there. Because over that edge, that’s where creativity manifests. We love being surprised. That’s how our work turns into one giant adventure.

We’re dedicated to our mission. Instinct and years of experience allow us to make exactly the right move to send your story into the world in the most powerful way.


  • Hubert Heutinck

    Hubert Heutinck

    Motion Designer — Gets a kick from seeing his pen sketches come to live in beautiful animations. At night, he likes to roll on a mat with men. An activity better known as Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. His way to use his energy after a day of intense animating.

  • Julian Theelen

    Julian Theelen

    Art Director — Started Supermassive because motion design is the ultimate creative outlet for him. Shines in visualizing concepts. Also makes music and does sound design. Quite a lot. Sees himself as a sort of jack-of-all-trades. Tries to understand Eastern wisdom and live by them.

  • Paul Theuns

    Paul Theuns

    Account Director — Probably watching summaries of the most obscure sports, with his socked feet up on his desk. Likes to hit a ball on the tennis court himself too, and is at least as fanatic when it comes to creating projects that look good and work well. Fares well with enthusiasm, great ideas and teamwork.

  • Robert van Wingerden

    Robert van Wingerden

    Creative Director — Tirelessly optimistic. Doesn’t know the word ‘problem’, and finds a way to turn everything into an idea or concept. If you forgot about his enthusiasm for a second, you’re quickly reminded of it because of another ‘Yoeh’, ‘Perfect’ or ‘YEESSS’ followed by a hard clap of his hands. A passionate hedonist. Can’t live without good food or companionship.

  • Carmen Benneker

    Carmen Benneker

    Project Manager

  • Peter Erinkveld

    Peter Erinkveld

    3D Artist — Makes fantastic stuff. Sunk in his own world he finds solutions to the most complex challenges. At best with one shoe one and one off. Loves to work on his homemade synthesizer and dabbles behind the dj booth. Technical hero with an infinite fantasy and razorsharp comments.

  • Victor van Vloten

    Victor van Vloten

    Creative Director — As good a talker as a listener. Puts this talent to good use in capturing a client’s wishes in a brilliant story. Is addicted to watching football, pure chocolate and fat slices of cheese. Tells us he loves order and structure because of his chaotic brain, but his sketchbook doesn’t show any proof of this. Is a real go-getter. Is building his own house.

  • Margot Malipaard

    Margot Malipaard

    Office Manager — Brings structure in chaos. Is not an editor, designer, or animator, but creates the environment for them to thrive in. Loves organizing and planning stuff. Makes sure our brainstorms, lunches and parties are on point. Tries to travel as much as possible. She made that into a sport. If she isn’t out and about, she spends her time cuddling her kids and dog Bino.

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