For the music label Armada, founded by Armin van Buuren, we made a series of videoclips for the mysterious artist ‘Galactic Marvl’.

What a long, strange journey, stars and galaxies passing by.
Finally made my way to this beautiful place.
Hello my friends, where have you been?
It’s time to begin again…

It was with these lines that Armada Music approached us. Galactic Marvl, a mysterious American producer-duo, would soon release their first tracks on the well-known label. Armada Music asked us to make a series of videoclips based on one storyline. Three short stand-alone animations. Later, producer and DJ Gramatik also asked us to make another videoclip for his collaboration with the duo.

Armada Music // Lowtemp Recordings
Concept, Design, Animation, Sound design


Together we wrote the entire story of Galactic Marvl. Right from the start we had a clear image of the style: an animated comic book. To match this style we went on a hunt for the right illustrator and found Fernando Leon. Together we created an adventurous style around the cute Galactic Marvl character. But what really makes these animated movies stand out is the fact that they were edited like a movie. It’s more than just beautiful illustrations and fluent animations. It’s a real movie.

Gramatik x Galactic Marvl – ‘Voyager Twins’

The true gem of the project. After the first three clips, Gramatik made us to go all out. Once again, we teamed up with the talented Fernando Leon and developed a whole new style, without losing the feeling of the other clips. This videoclip is in some ways a prologue to the the other clips and a nice place to start off the series.

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