Gramatik & Branx – Future Crypto

Famous DJ and producer Gramatik is the first artist to launch his own crpyto coin. The GTMK-token represents a new way to support artists and musicians. A special moment like this deserves a special treatment. For the Future Crypto single, we dove into the history of money and made a story starting at the first barterdeal, all the way to blockchain and eventually the GRMTK-token.

We knew this videoclip needed a special approach. That’s why we decided to team up with designer and illustrator Vincent Hammingh. Together we developed a special visual language that matched perfectly with the dark and mysterious vision behind the video.

The cinematic, dark and mysterious scenes don’t speak out that much independently, but together they tell the story. The seamless transitions emphasize that all events elaborate on each others innovations. One cannot exist without the other.

Concept, Design, Animation, Sound design


The clip is not a history lessen, but a trigger for the viewers to dive deeper into the history of money. To understand the story behind the clip, we designed an e-book. With a few short stories we give everybody the opportunity to discover the meaning behind the different scenes.