After the successful ‘Voyager Twins’ video clip, Gramatik asked us to create the visuals for the promotion of his new ‘Re:Coil EP’.

Leading up to the release we created a series of teasers featuring new tracks fans never heard before, accompanied by visuals as an appetizer. We created a unique visual concept for every track, inspired by the music and earlier Gramatik artwork. Together these visuals created the ‘Re:Coil’ world.

On the release date we launched a minimix of the entire album, where all the tracks and visuals got the special attention they deserved. We also made three backgrounds for the YouTube-channel.

Concept, Design, Animation

EP Minimix

In this minimix all visuals come together and create the visual heart of the album.


To promote the new tracks on social media, we made three short teasers that were spread as ads.

Gramatik & Branx – Future Crypto

Gramatik & Anomalie – Goldilocks Enigma

Gramatik – Halcyon

Song loops

Of course each track deserved a treatment in the same visual style. That’s why we made background loops to accompany and complement the music.