Hotel Jakarta

For Westcord Hotels we developed an animated teaser for the upcoming ‘Hotel Jakarta’ in Amsterdam. A new, luxury hotel based on a historic site. To let people become acquainted with the feeling of the hotel, Westcord Hotels asked us to create an engaging teaser.

In times long past, boats embarked from Java-eiland in Amsterdam to colonies in the former Dutch East Indies. This famous historical place is now the location of a modern architectural highlight with an Indonesian heart.

To define the feeling of a hotel that’s still being built was quite a challenge. We decided to dive into the inspiration and influences that were behind the concept of the building. We found there were several ‘ingredients’ that made up the hotel’s DNA. We took these ingredients and crafted beautiful little worlds for the viewer to explore. 

The teaser is used on social media and was shown as the kick-off of the festive opening of the hotel.

Concept, Design, Animation, Sound design