Protocol Recordings

We’re known for motion design, but we like to see ourselves as visual artists as well. A sharp eye for creating captivating images. That’s why we were really excited when Protocol Recordings asked uw to create artwork for the label.

Protocol Recordings is an international recordlabel with Dutch roots. As one of the leading labels within the dance-scene, they’re constantly looking for ways to inspire and challenge. Protocol approached us with the following challenge: can you renew the style of our artwork?

For us, this was chance to take our skills beyond motion design. The question to step away from the literal and dive into the abstract really appealed to us. They wanted a fresh, grown-up look. One different from the over-the-top American one that we so often see in the EDM-world. We developed a minimal design with enough room for the artwork itself. The artwork had to be dynamic, colourful and natural. We decided not to use our usual tools, but to step away from our screens and capture the real world.

For 2018, we had to make 3 series with a total of 15 artworks. For the first series we took a prism as our main subject. The way a prism breaks up the light is a fascinating phenomenon that can be captured in so many ways. After a day of experimenting in the studio, we had a nice set of images that would last Protocol for a while.

For the Protocol YouTube-channel we made matching videoloops.

We’ll be making 2 more batches for Protocol in 2018, so stay tuned!

Art direction, Design, Photography, Post Production