SBS6 Branding

Studio Hens from Amsterdam once again asked us to work together for the rebranding of the Dutch tv-shows Hart van NederlandShownieuws and Piet’s Weer. These daily programmes bring personal stories right to viewer’s home. SBS6 wanted a fresh new look for their staple shows.

The project was a great opportunity for us, but a challenge as well. In four weeks time, we went from concept to end result. An important element of the rebranding is the cylinder shape. The cylinders are used to show the different stories that occupy the viewer’s lives. It’s also a recurring element in all of the studio graphics.

The final delivery was an extended package of leaders. bumpers, titels, weather maps en background movies. Everything optimized and tailored to the fast workflow in which SBS has to deliver in-house on a daily basis.

Design, 2D animation, 3D animation