The Best Social Awards

The Best Social Awards are the Dutch awards for all the best that social media has to offer. Their goal is to give creative, funny and innovative content(creators) a stage. With 26 categories, The Best Social Awards captures a wide range of content. TBSA asked us to create the visual style and awardshow for this year’s awards. 

Highlighting cool en creative social content is something we definitely like to help with. When The Best Social Awards asked us to create the entire videobranding of their event, we immediately had an overflow of cool ideas. We created a campaign movie for the event and made a graphics package for during The Best Social Awards itself.

Concept, Design, Animation, Sound design

Campaign movie

In the weeks leading up to the event we made a campaign movie. In short scenes we show how social media is present in our day-to-day lives. The makers of the most creative content are awarded with a nomination. The movie was used as promotion for the event.

Graphics package

We took care of the entire branding for the event itself. We made an opening movie, introduction screens for the jury and nominees, screens with the results of the vote, partner screens and bumpers. Quite a chunk, considering all the categories. Take a look at the compilation here!