EIFFEL: Reinventing Legal

Together with Arteffects and Studio Encode we’re working on updating the brandstory and corporate identity of EIFFEL. EIFFEL provides corporate services in the areas of legal, finance and process. With a network of experts as their cornerstone, EIFFEL works on creating smart solutions for their client. 

To guide the rebranding process, the statement ‘Human Powered, Data Driven’ was created. The statement represents the combination between the knowledge and skills of EIFFEL employees, and the data they use to elevate organisations to a higher level.

The visual translation of this statement uses the well known EIFFEL diagonal. In the rebranding it functions as a border between two ‘worlds’. One side represents the human element, the other side represents the abstract world of data.

Design, 2D animation, 3D animation, Compositing, Print


The EIFFEL event ‘The Future of Legal: The World Upside Down’ became the first test for the new direction. To visualise the theme ‘reinventing legal’ we took the classic image of Lady Justice and gave it the ‘Human Powered, Data Driven’ treatment. This image acts as a foundation for a complete audiovisual branding package, containing a leader, bumpers, program screens and banners in the same style. This gave the event a unique look & feel.