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    Amsterdam Dance Event

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    The Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE) is the most influential conference and festival within the electronic dance music industry. After two tough years dominated by isolation during the pandemic, the 2022 campaign was aimed at kindling reconnection and a celebration of coming together on the dance floor again.

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    Alliander Tech Day 2021

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    New times call for new solutions. So, together with East Agency and Encode, we created one: the virtual event platform. The event platform is like a physical location but online. In 3D, with limitless digital possibilities.

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    Gelderland Academy

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    How do you define a brand whose services differ every single time? We created a clear & concise explainer to clarify the Academy's purpose.

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    Kalfire Fireplaces

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    Kalfire Fireplaces has been a recurring client since 2018. Every time they are launching their newest product, we have come aboard as a main partner. Our goal is always to push creative boundaries through visually captivating digital campaigns.

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19/MW3 Conference

Event Visuals — 3D animation

18/Kyoto – Tokyo

Sjoerd Verbeek x Supermassive


3D Product Visualisation
Een overzicht van de motion identity van Drift Festival

17/Herfstdrift Festival 2022

Motion Identity

16/Gemeente Dalfsen

Explainer — 2D Animation

15/Alliander – Simplificatie

Explainer — 3D animation


Awareness Campaign — 3D / Interactive


A Supermassive Film

12/Herfstdrift Festival 2021

Motion Identity

11/Rutgers – Whole School Approach

Explainer — 2D Animation

10/Ron Santiago De Cuba

3D Product Visualisation / Pack Shots
hunkemoller portfolio image

9/Hunkemöller A/W22

Concept Films - 3D Animation

8/Eiffel – Bibob-radar

Explainer — 3D animation

7/Open Source Radio

Brand Identity

6/Gramatik – Re:Coil EP

Teasers - 3D Animation

5/Protocol Recordings

Artwork Rebranding

4/Gramatik – ‘Future Crypto’

Music Video — 2D Animation

3/WestCord Hotels – Hotel Jakarta

Opening Film — 2D Animation

2/Noah’s Ark / Jonna Fraser

'Papi' — Lyrics video

1/Crius Group

Explainer — 2D Animation
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