Rutgers is a strong advocate for worldwide sexual health. This goes beyond handing out condoms. There are several Rutgers programs, all focused on different subjects ranging from gender roles to creating safe environments.

Rutgers approached us to create three films highlighting their ‘Get Up Speak Out’, ‘Prevention+’ and ‘Whole School Approach’ programmes. Rutgers has been on the forefront of improving sexual and reproductive health and rights worldwide, and we were proud to work with them on this project.

An intricate and global series like this requires a unique visual style. We decided to team up with our good friend Vincent Hammingh again to create a fresh, but serious look and feel, representing the message and the target audience. The films each have their own character, but put together they form a strong statement. The style is active, urgent and most of all positive. 

Concept, Design, Illustration, 2D animation, Sound Design

Whole School Approach

Together with partners in Kenya and Uganda Rutgers developed a strategy to integrate quality sexuality education in
schools for all students. By involving teachers, parents, health professionals, students and other members of a community in sexuality education they create a safe environment where young people are able to thrive.


The Prevention+ programme works to make a world where men and women are equal and free from gender-based violence. They do this by trying to transform harmful masculine norms into positive ones. That’s why they engage men as well as women, boys as well as girls.

Get Up, Speak Out

‘Get Up, Speak Out’ aims to involve the youth in sexuality education. They don’t just receive information, but are encouraged to actively participate in shaping their and their peers’ development. This sense of educating together is a cornerstone of the animation.