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    A collection of our best work. From animation to motion design for events. This is what we're proud of. This is what we love.
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    Heroes in Unreal

    heroes in unreal
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    Over the past two years we dove into the world of Unreal Engine. Using our expertise in design, motion and storytelling to create real-time 3D visuals, interactive livestreams, VR experiences and more. As creators we love to explore the possibilities of new technologies and Unreal gives us the control and freedom to create cutting-edge visuals for a wide variety of different mediums.
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    Hotel Jakarta

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    Capture the atmosphere of a hotel while it's still under construction? A challenge we gladly took on for Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam. A cinematic and colourful animation to dream away with.
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    Sexual health education goes beyond handing out condoms. Rutgers' shares this vision to an international, cross-cultural audience. From teenagers to community leaders. How do you reach such a diverse audience? Like this!
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    The Municipality of Dalfsen shows us how great it can be if you truly let citizens participate. We brought the future vision for the Municipality of Dalfsen to life.
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  • heroes in unreal
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7/Amsterdam Dance Event

ADE '22 Campaign

8/Gelderland Academie

Explainer — 2D Animation


Technische Dag 2021 — Openingsfilm

10/Herfstdrift Festival

Motion Identity


Bibob-radar — Motion Graphic / 3D
hunkemoller portfolio image


AW22 - Concept films


Simplification - 3D animation


A Supermassive Film


'E-One' — Teaser

16/Open Source Radio

Brand identity & design


Re:Coil EP — Teasers


'Future Crypto' — Music Video

19/Protocol Recordings

Protocol 2018 — Artwork

20/Heel Arnhem Streamt

Social design & videos

21/Protocol Recordings

Protocol 2019 — Artwork

22/Noah’s Ark

Jonna Fraser 'Papi' — Lyrics video

23/Crius Group

Explainer Animation
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