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    A collection of our best work. From animation to motion design for events. This is what we're proud of. This is what we love.
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    Hotel Jakarta

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    Capture the atmosphere of a hotel while it's still under construction? A challenge we gladly took on for Hotel Jakarta Amsterdam. A cinematic and colourful animation to dream away with.
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    Sexual health education goes beyond handing out condoms. Rutgers' shares this vision to an international, cross-cultural audience. From teenagers to community leaders. How do you reach such a diverse audience? Like this!
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    Crius Group

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    Crius Group automates publishing processes. Sounds complex? You're in luck. Animation is a powerful tool to give insight into abstract processes like these, and communicate them in a beautiful way. Even better: we weaved the vision of Crius into the story.
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    How do you turn dry information into captivating content? You create a story around it. We turned the EIFFEL Bibob-radar into the hero of the story in this thrilling case.
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A Supermassive Film


Technische Dag 2020 — Teaser


'E-One' — Teaser


Re:Coil EP — Teasers


'Future Crypto' — Music Video

11/Protocol Recordings

Protocol 2018 — Artwork

12/Protocol Recordings

Protocol 2019 — Artwork

13/Noah’s Ark

Jonna Fraser 'Papi' — Lyrics video


Data Meets Hospitality — Event visuals

15/Slow Food Youth Network

YFM Arnhem / Nijmegen — Event Teasers
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