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PostNL has its eyes on the future. 

After a rebranding and new positioning, developed by Studio Dumbar, we see a brand that is modern, innovative and digital. ‘The deliverer of innovation’. We developed a new approach to explainers for one of The Netherlands’ most familiar brands.

With a new approach the explainers, consumers are now informed in a way that fits the renewed PostNL. Connection is key. And so we looked at new ways to reach the target group.



“From situation-driven to purpose-driven animation”


In collaboration with Vividblue & Studio Dumbar, PostNL’s newly developed explainer animations are innovative, both visually and in terms of content.

In collaboration with Vividblue, the guardian of PostNL’s established DNA, we investigated the concept of innovation. To jointly develop an explainer format for PostNL that is more modern, more relevant and more fun.

Driven by visual storytelling

A traditional explanation animation is often literal, dry and sometimes even pedantic. Without any context, a character finds himself in a situation where certain steps must be completed. As a viewer you are not involved and information does not come in. That must be possible better.

With visual storytelling we give each character a purpose and storyline. Without fuss. No boring situations on a computer screen or characters with unnecessarily long actions. In short: cut the crap! We’re calling this approach purpose-driven storytelling.

An approach that triggers us to look at the question behind the situation. To get to the core of the communication issue.

Digital meets physical

The digital and physical worlds blend seamlessly into each other in our lives. Also PostNL’s services. We have also incorporated this experience into the explainers, by integrating digital screens into the physical world in a playful and seamless manner.

After an intense process, where the essence of PostNL as a digital brand emerged, we developed a recognizable and accessible style for the explainers.

The result: a fresh new look & feel for PostNL, and an innovative way of communicating for the progressive brand.




Rebranding: Studio Dumbar
Concept: Supermassive, Vividblue
Illustration & motion design: Supermassive

Interested in explainers?

Our explainers are made with passion and craftsmanship. The art of communicating a story in the best way makes us happy. Read more about our approach on our services page.

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