How we work

  • 01/Getting to know each other

    Because everything starts with you. We listen to your story and discuss your goals. More importantly: we listen to the challenges you face. Together we’ll find ways to tackle them, and even better: ways to turn them into opportunities.

  • 02/Concept & voice-over

    The concept captures the heart of your story. With a strong concept, your story will tell itself. A strong concept asks for relentless decision making. Through exploration and experiments we’ll find the right tone and shape for your story.


  • 03/Visual style

    We always think in visuals. That’s why we’ll quickly flesh out our ideas to find the perfect style for your story. We explore different techniques and colours that fit the tone of the concept. Maybe you already have an identity that you want us to work with? That’s alright. Supply us with your guidelines and we’ll find a way to make something fresh and exciting, tailor-made to your brand.

  • 04/Production

    Where your story comes to life. You’ve seen little shards, from copy to illustrations. Static and individual elements will now be turned into a complete product. With an eye for detail and the full picture, scenes will be woven together until we’re left with a complete story. With the right tone and tempo.

    From here we start fine tuning. We cut, sharpen and polish. Work the details. Add the right sound effects and music. After this step, you will know that everything is finished to perfection.

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