Creative Technologies

One of Supermassive’s core missions is staying on top of the latest creative technologies. It’s not something we have to force, it’s in our hearts. We’re explorers and innovators, and love working on the cutting-edge of our field. Some examples of cutting edge technology we love to explore are virtual productions, interactive motion and extended reality (AR/VR).


Virtual Productions

The future of the creative industry is virtual. Wait, did we say future? We’re already doing it. You have surely seen the possibilities of Unreal Engine. The designers in our Virtual Productions team are experts in this tool in the context of motion design. They will create the most astonishing environments in the blink of an eye.


Utilizing virtual production in combination with green screen or even a LED screen for your film shoot allows you to place actors in an entirely virtual environment. Or we skip the actors altogether, and create an entirely CGI ad with digital characters.We have been creating a wide array of virtual productions for (live) events and presentations. Check out our Unreal-reel for a glimpse of the work, or dive deeper into this case for Alliander’s Tech Day or the Device Experience.

Interactive Motion Design

Are you looking for a way to take your content to the next level and engage your visitors in a new way? Interactive motion design can help with that. Visitors to your website feel more engaged with content that they can influence or interact with themselves.

The rapid rise of frameworks that enable animation and 3D in a web environment changed the digital landscape. We see more and more websites utilizing motion. And we love it. Supermassive has been avidly exploring these new technologies.

Together with our friends at Studio Encode, we work on crafting unforgettable web experiences. From online event platforms to product demos. By fusing our skills in 3D design, motion design and web development, we turn into an award-winning force.

Like a website we created for Kalfire, showcasing a 3D visualisation of their product that the user is able to browse through, and even customise. 

One of our favourite things is seeing our work take a place in the physical world. Even better, when it’s in an interactive museum. For Historyland Museum, we created an experience that invites visitors to take a look into another world, in another time. With a main role for a historical giant: the mammoth.

Extended Reality (AR/VR)

Want to put your viewer right in the middle of the action? That’s possible with virtual reality. With a VR headset, you can look around in 360 degrees. It’s perfect for use in a museum, for example, to take your viewer on a journey through time, like we did for two UNESCO Geo Parks. As a viewer, you’re literally surrounded by a herd of mammoths, dinosaurs, and prehistoric fish. It’s a unique way to tell your story, but also an interesting way to enhance education or training.

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