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The increasingly digital world calls for a wide range of campaigns. From B2B marketing to B2C awareness campaigns. They need to be available on many different platforms and in multiple languages. And you need a reliable partner to create content that will work on any screen. Supermassive specializes in creating dynamic campaign content. Ready to go, whatever the medium. From social media to giant billboards. Our team is well versed in the translation of static assets into stunning motion graphics. We can even help you create a motion identity for the brand or campaign.

We believe in dynamic content. Our approach and workflow is structured for it. This allows us to efficiently roll out translations into multiple languages, platforms, and formats.

We are happy to work or collaborate during the design phase. This ensures that content is suitable for animation and we can get the most out of campaign assets.

Our team has extensive experience in translating static campaign assets into impressive motion graphics that capture attention. We can even help you develop a motion identity for your brand or campaign.

Agency + Supermassive = Magic

We have done animation and motion design for various highly visible campaigns, like Amsterdam Dance Event (check the case) and the Province of Gelderland. Our team created static and animated assets to be used all throughout an extensive OOH campaign. We are used to working in close conjunction with an agency in designing and animating campaign content, like we did with Studio Dumbar for the MTV Video Music Awards.

5 benefits of motion graphics for your campaign:

  1. Increase brand awareness

Motion graphics leave a lasting impression, which helps increase brand awareness. Moving images catch the viewer’s attention and are more likely to be interacted with.

  1. Motion graphics make your content entertaining

Animated content helps tell your story in an engaging way. Entertaining content stands out and keeps the viewer interested.

  1. Motion graphics make your content easy to understand

Complicated data or statistics can be difficult to explain. Animated infographics help to visualise your story in a clear way. Visual explainers help viewers quickly understand information.

  1. Motion graphic are reusable

Need to translate your content into another language or format it for a different platform? No problem. Motion graphics are reusable and can be repurposed with smart use.

  1. Motion graphics are easily shareable

Short and visually appealing, motion graphics are perfect for sharing. With a simple click, your content can be shared with contacts.


  • Digital Advertising

Use motion graphics in your digital advertising campaigns to create visually appealing ads that stand out in a crowded digital space.

  • OOH advertentising¬†

Digital displays can now showcase animated content on previously static screens, such as on squares, train stations and billboards around the world.

  • Social media ads

With a well-planned campaign, you can reach your target audience on Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube.

  • Short explainers

Use short and simple explainer content to inform your audience about your product or service in a fun and engaging style.

  • Landing pages with content

Keep visitors on your website with attractive visual content.


Looking for a reliable partner to produce high-quality motion graphic content? Contact us for more information.

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